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The powerful Waterway Viper two-speed pump is designed primarily for swim spas. It is used by several brands of hot tub and spa manufacturers.

The Viper uses and Italian-made EMG water-resistant motor and a high-performance wet end, complete with a 5 HP impeller.

Length: 430 mm
Width: 210 mm
Height: 250 mm

Technical data
Power high speed: 2,71 kW
Power low speed : 0.55 kW
Current high speed : 12,5 A
Current low speed : 2,5 A

Note: the new Viper models are more powerful, and perfectly replace the old models with lower power.

Plumbing Connections
Both the intake and outflow are male threaded with a 94 mm outside diameter. Use 2.5-inch pump unions (see the options at the bottom of this page) to connect the pump to 2-inch pipe.

Cable and plug
The Waterway Viper pump is delivered without plug and cable. If you are replacing an existing pump, you may be able to re-use your existing power cord. You will find a wiring diagram for connecting it up on the inside of the cover of the water-resistant electrical box.

You can also choose to have the pump pre-wired by our team with an AMP plug, a mini J&J plug or an plug (100 cm long).

Similar pump
The Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP3 pump has the same motor power and thread size as the Viper, and roughly similar dimensions. Please note that if you want to replace your pump with another model, you must check the use of space and the fixing distances as pipe connection adjustments may be necessary.

1 year Tubs Parts warranty

Waterway part numbers
Assembly: 372-2022
Assembly : PV-30-2N22X
Wet end with a 5HP impeller: 310-0180

Plug types

AMP plug

AMP plug

J&J plug

J&J plug plug plug


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