Waterway Tiny Might

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The Waterway Tiny Might 24-hour circulation pump has a 200W Italian EMG motor. This newer version replaces the old ones, which have a red motor.

Length: 250 mm
Width: 123 mm
Height: 145 mm

Technical data
Power : 200W
Current : 1,25 A
Speed : Between 2900 and 3450 rotation per minute (rpm)
Maximum flow rate: 86 litres/minute (19 GPM)

Pipe connections
Male threaded connections with an external diameter of 50 mm
Unions for 1-inch and 3/4-inch pipes are available as an optional extra.

Cable and plug
The Tiny Might pump is delivered without plug and cable. If you are replacing an existing pump, you may be able to re-use your existing power cord. You will find a wiring diagram for connecting it up on the inside of the cover of the water-resistant electrical box.

You can also choose to have the pump pre-wired by our team with an AMP plug or a mini J&J plug.

Spare parts
The capacitor, wet end and wet end seal are available as spare parts.

1 year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Waterway: 3312620-14EU
You may also find the part number 310-9000 on the wet end of this pump

Plug types

AMP plug

AMP plug

J&J plug

J&J plug plug plug


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