Waterway Executive "smooth body"

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This Waterway Executive two-speed pump uses a smooth-body cylindrical motor made by US Motor. This motor was formerly branded A.O. Smith Century Lasar or GE Marathon Electric.

This version is longer, less tall and quite a bit more expensive than the standard version of this pump, which uses an EMG motor. We recommend that use use the standard version instead of this one unless you need to replace your existing Century Lasar pump with a motor of the same type (one good reason to do this would be if you have very little space above the pump, for example).

Length: 330 mm
Width: 215 mm
Motor width: 150 mm
Height: 215 mm

Technical data
Power high speed: 2,05 kW (2,25 HP)
Power low speed : 0,67 kW
Current high speed : 8.9 A
Current low speed : 2,9 A

Discharge : Male threaded with an assymetric 2-inch MBT thread (outside diameter of 78 mm).
Suction : Male threaded with an assymetric 2-inch MBT thread (outside diameter of 78 mm ) or 2.5-inch MBT thread (outside diameter of 94 mm.
The Waterway Executive US Motor pump is normally connected to a 2-inch pipe.

Cable and plug
The Waterway Executive US Motor is is delivered without plug and cable. If you are replacing an existing pump, you may be able to re-use your existing power cord. You will find a wiring diagram for connecting it up on the inside of the cover of the water-resistant electrical box.

You can also choose to have the pump pre-wired by our team with an AMP plug, a mini J&J plug or an plug (100 cm long).

Spare parts
We have spare parts for the Waterway Executive "smooth body" pump

1 year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Waterway : PF-25-2N22X,PP-25-2N22X, 3421451-10

Wet end orientation

Standard exit

Standard exit

Exit to left

Exit to left

Exit to right

Exit to right

Plug types

AMP plug

AMP plug

J&J plug

J&J plug plug plug


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