Simaco SAM2-200 2 biegowy

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The SAM2-200 two-speed pump is used in Teuco and Spaform spas, among other brands. Simaco pumps are particularly notable for their quietness.

Dimensions (without the unions)
Length: 336 mm
Width: 193 mm
Height: 228 mm

Technical data
Power high speed: 1,9 kW
Power low speed: 0,4 kW
Flow rate high speed: 600 litres/minute
Flow rate low speed: 320 litres/minute

See the performance curves in the image. The two pink lines correspond to the two speeds of this pump.

Pipe connections
Male threaded with a 63 mm external diameter.
The Simaco SAM2-200 pump is supplied without pump unions. We offer a pump union (nut + exit) for a 50 mm pipe. A single nut to be used with a 2-inch exit or a 63 mm exit is also available. Don't forget the gasket !

Cable and plug
The pump is supplied with a cable of about 120 cm, and pre-wired. I you are replacing an existing pump, you may be able to re-use your existing power cord. You will find a wiring diagram for connecting it up on the inside of the cover of the water-resistant electrical box.

You can also choose to pre-wire the pump by our team with n AMP plug, a mini J&J plug or an plug (length 100 cm).

1 year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Simaco: SAM2-200 2/4

Plug types

AMP plug

AMP plug

J&J plug

J&J plug plug plug


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