LX Whirlpool WE10

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The LX Whirlpool WE10 is a 24-hour circulation pump used by many spa manufacturers.

DimensionsLength: 243 mmWidth: 146 mmHeight: 152 mm

Technical data
Power: 180 W
Intensity : 0.8 A
Maximum flow rate: 40 litres/minute

Plumbing connections
3/4" barb, connecting to 3/4-inch clear pipes using hose clips.

Cable and plug
The LX Whirlpool WE10 circulation pump is supplied pre-cabled with an AMP plug (length 130 cm). You can also choose to have it pre-wired by our team with a 240 cm AMP plug or a mini J&J plug.

    Similar pump
    The Laing E10 3/4" smooth connection pump is less powerful (60W) but has similar dimensions and flow rate to the WE10.

    1 year Tubs Parts warranty

    Part numbers
    LX Whirlpool : WE10

    Plug types

    AMP plug

    AMP plug

    J&J plug

    J&J plug plug plug


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