LX Whirlpool JA100

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The 24-hour LX Whirlpool JA100 is a 24-hour circulation pump used by many spa manufacturers.

We also supply the other pumps of the JA series: JA35, JA50, JA75, JA120, JA150 and JA200.

Length: 350 mmWidth: 155 mmHeight: 205 mm

Technical data
Power : 750 W - 1.0 HP
Maximum flow rate : 320 liters/minute
Capacitor : 15 µF

Plumbing connections
Thread diameter: 62 mm (1.5-inch MBT).
We offer unions for 1.5-inch and 50 mm pipe

Cable and plug
The LX Whirlpool JA100 circulation pump is supplied pre-cabled with an AMP plug (length 130 cm). You can also choose to have it pre-wired by our team with a 240 cm AMP plug or a mini J&J plug.

      Similar pump
      The LX DH.1 pump has the same motor power and thread size as the JA100, and roughly similar dimensions. Please note that if you want to replace your pump with another model, you must check the use of space and the fixing distances as pipe connection adjustments may be necessary.

      1 year Tubs Parts warranty

      Plug types

      AMP plug

      AMP plug

      J&J plug

      J&J plug plug plug


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