LX Whirlpool CM16-20 2HP

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The LX Whirlpool CM16-20 is a mini horizontal centrifugal single-speed pump. The material of frame is aluminum; it is under low-noise and less-vibration and durability.

It is used by many spa manufacturers and is designed to supply massage jets.

Length: 410 mm
Width: 151 mm
Height: 250 mm

Technical data
Power: 1.5 kW (2.0 HP)
Current : 9,6A
Maximum flow rate of 266 liters/minute (16 m³/hour)

Plumbing connections
Internal thread diameter: 58 mm
We recommend that you keep the unions of your old pump. You can also add these threaded 3-part unions for 2-inch pipes. Don't forget the Teflon tape to ensure watertightness !

Cable and plugThe LX Whirlpool CM16-20 pump is delivered pre-cabled with an AMP plug (length 130 cm). You can also choose to pre-wire the pump by our team with a 240 cm AMP plug, a mini J&J plug or an plug (length 220 cm).

    1 year Tubs Parts warranty

    Plug types

    AMP plug

    AMP plug

    J&J plug

    J&J plug plug plug


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