Espa Wiper0 90M SRA

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The Espa Wiper0 M 4P SRA circulation pump is a filtration pump designed for small tanks. It will also be used as a hydromassage pump.

Space-saving but powerful, the Wiper0 M 4P is designed for continuous use, 24 hours a day.

This powerful circulation pump is an alternative to the LX Whirlpool JA100-type pumps. However, you will have to plan to modify the plumbing, as the Espa pump has different unions, and is typically connected to 50 mm pipe.

Length: 300 mm
Height: 162 mm
Width: 155 mm

Technical data
Power: 740 W (1 HP)
Maximum flow rate: 355 liters/minute
Connection: Unions and gaskets provided for 50 mm pipe

Cable and plug
The Wiper0 90M pump is delivered without plug and cable. If you are replacing an existing pump, you may be able to re-use your existing power cord. You will find a wiring diagram for connecting it up on the inside of the cover of the water-resistant electrical box.

You can also choose to have the pump pre-wired by our team with an AMP plug or a mini J&J plug.

1 year Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Espa: PP04265

Plug types

AMP plug

AMP plug

J&J plug

J&J plug plug plug


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